Combing with its own business advantages and grand strategies of future developments, Selen Science & Technology’s science innovation center has confirmed four major fields’ directions of R&D which are  photoelectric display functional material, high performance new energy material, high performance fiber material and anti-static/clean room products material. And it has invested huge R&D expenditures successively to propel the transformations of R&D achievements.

Four Research Areas


Postdoctoral Innovation Base (Shenzhen)

Selen Science & Technology has been approved and awarded postdoctoral innovation practice base in early 2015 which focuses on R&D in high-end new material field and has offered innovation supports and technology accumulation to company’s strategy implementation. So far, postdoctoral innovation practice base has recruited 2 postdoctors and equipped with professional research team.


Functional Material R&D Center (Suzhuou、Changzhou)

Selen Science & Technology has confirmed transformation of new material and set up photoelectric display functional material R&D test and inspection center whose main products are functional adhesive tape, high cleaning protective film, liquid optical clear adhesive(LOCA), thermal materials and other products. Photoelectric display functional material R&D center covers an area of 4600 square meters which owns class 100000 clean room and class 100 clean room with over 400 sets advanced apparatus. The company has established a high-quality R&D team with 2 returnees, 4 doctors, and 26 masters. Over 200 kinds of new products have been produced and the company has applied for more than 50 patents for 3 years’ establishment.

Selen Science & Technology Advanced Materials Science Research Institute:

Shenzhen Selen Science & Technology advanced material science research institute was established in 2014 which locates in Nanshan district, Shenzhen city. Its main research direction is the R&D of high performance new energy materials and the products include lithium battery package materials, high performance barrier materials, high performance packaging materials and others.


High Polymer Materials R&D Center(Shenzhen)

Shenzhen high polymer materials R&D center (also anti-static/clean room products R&D center) was established in 2008 which is Shenzhen municipal R&D center, researching and developing super cleaning cleaner, high efficiency anti-static, air purification/filtration materials, dust free wiping materials, anti-static fabrics and anti-static/conductive high polymer materials. Successively the company has applied for more than 130 patents, including 50% of which are patents for invention. Besides, the company has 8 joint development projects cooperating with scientific research institutions like Donghua University, Suzhou University, Xi'an Polytechnic University, China BlueStar Chengrand Chemical Industry Research Institute, Fudan University. Independent research and development products include “anti-static dust free seamless garments”, “improved anti-static clothes”, “washable high ESD shielding property clothes”, “P.F.A dust free wiper”, “stable resistance anti-static/conductive shoes”, “superior anti-static dust free clothes”, “anti-static dust free wiper” which are approved as domestic advanced products and have passed municipal scientific and technological achievement appraisal.

High Performance Fibers And Composite Materials R&D Center (Chengdu):

This center mainly works on R&D and application researches of PBO super fiber, aramid fiber and its products as well as other high performance fibers and its products. So far, it has established aramid chopped fiber, aramid pulp R&D team in Shenzhen. Introducing advanced R&D experiment and test equipments from America, Germany, Belgium and other countries, it has built up pilot-scale product line. It will take full advantage of Chengdu for its industry advantages of high performance fibers in upstream and downstream fields and talents in the future. Chengdu high performance materials R&D headquarters are in the planning.

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