Efforts for becoming the world's largest supplier of aluminium laminated films for lithium batteries



The New Energy Materials Business Division of Selen Science & Technology has established wholly-owned subsidiaries of Selen Composite Materials Science & Technology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. and Selen Materials (Japan) Co., Ltd., which are mainly engaged in the R&D, production, manufacturing and sales of lithium ion battery packaging materials for new polymer composite materials.

At present, it has two production bases in Changzhou and Mie Prefecture, Japan respectively. The Japanese base has a monthly production capacity of 2 million ㎡. The first phase of Changzhou New Energy Industrial Base has a monthly capacity of 3 million ㎡. The second phase has a monthly capacity of 3 million ㎡, With the total production capacity of 8 million ㎡ per month at that time.

Selen lithium battery packaging materials- T&T aluminum composite membrane has been widely applied to the digital products , such as smart phone, notebook computer, digital camera, toy, UAV, model aircraft and other consumer electronic products; and new energy powered EV and energy storage battery, such as electrical bicycle, household car battery, etc.

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