Warm Congratulations On Selen Science & Technology Being Approved To Set Up Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base

2015.04.14 Source:SELEN

Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau held an awarding ceremony for “Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base” of enterprises and public institutions in Shenzhen Yinhu Silver Lake Resort Hotel. Ms. Lin Chaoying, Sub-inspector of Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Mr. Zhang Qian, director of professional technology section, Ms. Hu Yun, deputy director of professional technology section, Mr. Xu Qizhuan, sction chief, Mr. Guan Yingting, R&D director of Selen Science & Technology and Ms Chen Bin, manager of patent office, attended the opening awarding ceremony. 



Ms. Lin Chaoying, Sub-inspector of Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources 

and Social Security Bureau, awarded for Selen Science &Technoogy

Up to now, Shenzhen has approved establishments of 136 postdoctoral innovation practice base, most of which are institutions and state-backed enterprises. As the most outstanding private enterprise, Selen Science & Technology was of great honor to be one of the first awarded anti-static/ clean room industry enterprise to be approved to carry out postdoctoral work.

Awarded to set up postdoctoral innovation base, it embodies strong scientific research ability and talent strength of Selen Science & Technology which is of great significance for optimizing talent structure and introducing top-level talents. Henceforth, Selen Science & Technology will improve postdoctoral work management system and propel postdoctoral work institutionalization and standardization. By cooperating with colleges and universities of postdoctoral research center and research institutes, Selen Science & Technology can march forward on the enterprise-university-institute binding mechanism technology innovation path. Selen Science & Technology will attract excellent doctors to join us with favorable conditions so as to carry out cutting-edge innovative postdoctoral research projects. With boost of innovative power of post doctors, Selen Science & Technology will transform to industry comprehensive service provider which is based on new materials. 

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