China’s First Large-Scale Project of Al-plastic Film for Flexible Lithium Battery Came into Formal Operation in the Changzhou Industrial Park

2018.09.26 Source:SELEN

Consolidate First-mover Advantages and Fill the Gap –

China’s First Large-Scale Project of Al-plastic Film for Flexible Lithium Battery Came into Formal Operation

in the Changzhou Industrial Park

On the morning of September 26, Selen celebrated the formal operation of Changzhou Project of Al-plastic Films – Phase I and held the opening ceremony for Phase-II project. The Phase-I project capacity equals 3 million square meters per month and filled the gap of the mass production of lithium battery al-plastic films in China. The second phase is expected to be put into production in the second quarter of next year, and the production line in Japan will be expanded soon. At that time, the monthly production capacity of the two major al-plastic film bases in Changzhou and the one in Mie Prefecture, Japan will reach 9 million square meters per month, with the annual output of above 100 million square meters.


Chairman Hou indicated that the first roll of domestic chrome-free Al-plastic films had been taken offline with the efforts of the whole staff and the Phase-I formal operation marked a new chapter in China’s mass production of the product. “Meanwhile, the company has started the construction of the second al-plastic film production line. After the production line is put into operation or expanded, the company will become the world’s largest comprehensive supplier of al-plastic film for flexible lithium battery”, added by the chairman.



Speech by Chairman HouYi


Wang Yu, the chairman of Farasis Technology, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Chairman indicated that Farasis Technology was a globally renowned provider of flexible lithium battery and had consecutively ranked the first in China and second around the globe in terms of battery shipment for BEV in the past two years. From his speech, the company is proposed to expand the capacity of flexible power battery in China to 35GWh by 2020, with the consumption of al-plastic films increasing by several times. As al-plastic films are the core raw materials of flexible power lithium battery, Farasis hopes to further enhance strategic cooperation with Selen for common development.



Speech by Wang Yu, the Chairman of Farasis Technology


Liu Yanlong, the secretory of the China Industrial Association of Power Sources, congratulated the Phase-I operation. He also mentioned that in 2017, the sales revenue of domestic power battery would reach 78 billion yuan and China would again become the world's largest power battery application market, with the total installed capacity of new energy automobile power battery up to 37.06 billion WH. Upon the formal operation, more excellent and cost-effective aluminum compound packing films will be available in both domestic and global market.



Speech by Liu Yanlong, the Secretory of the China Industrial Association of Power Sources


Shi Zhijun, the vice mayor of Changzhou and the secretary of Wujin District Committee, delivered a speech on the behalf of Changzhou Government. He indicated that the smooth operation marked the formation of the most comprehensive industry chain in the field of new energy in Changzhou and Selen had become a shining star in the field. He also promised more support in industry policy, enterprise services and industrial platform, to help Selen ascend to new heights and create glory again.



Speech by Shi Zhijun, the Vice Mayor of Changzhou and the Secretary of Wujin District Committee


Songtian Zhixing, the senior executive director of Toppan Printing Co. Ltd., and Mei Tianzhi, the senior executive director of Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd. attended the meeting and respectively made a statement. They offered the best wish to Selen and presented a customized mascot, Bodhidharma. They wished Selen would witness huge growth in the business of Al-plastic films and become the world’s top player in the field soon.


On the behalf of Selen’s upstream suppliers for the al-plastic films for lithium battery, Mr. Mu Shi Kuan, the director and vice president of UACJ, attended the event and made a speech. More than 10 Japanese suppliers, including Gao Qiaojin (president of INOAC CORPORATION), Jiateng Yixiao (president of MUSASHINO), and Jibu Longren (director of Toyo Aluminum), also appeared in the event. They promised to fully support Selen in raw materials, equipment, etc. and to provide service to the aluminum film project, so as to help Selen become the world’s first player in the field.




More than 280 leaders and guests from customers, suppliers, investment institutions, financial institutions, the government, industry associations, media and partners attended the ceremony to congratulate the smooth operation of China’s first large-scale al-plastic film project for power lithium battery.




Based on the Changzhou al-plastic film project, Selen will strengthen research and development, speed up industrial layout, join hands with partners and share a bright future of the new energy materials industry.


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