LG’s Representatives Visited Selen, including Shen Changhuan, the Head of the Economic Research Department

2018.08.28 Source:SELEN



In the morning of August 28, representatives of LG including Mr. Shen Changhuan (the head of the Economic Research Department), Mr. Le Chenghuan (senior consultant), and Mrs. Nan Xiaozheng (senior consultant), paid a visit to Shenzhen Headquarters. Gaoxiang (vice president and general management of the New Energy Business Unit) and the marketing and technical personnel from the Business Unit of New Composite Materials warmly received the visitors. The two parties exchanged opinions on the battery for new energy vehicles, battery soft-package technology and subsequent development & cooperation.



The experts first visited the exhibition hall and listened to the introduction about the company's business layout and future development. The introduction focused on our business expansion, market share and the like in China after the acquisition of the aluminum business of Japan T&T.



Mr. Shen introduced LG’s development plan in China. According to the estimate of electric vehicle market, the growth of 10 to 20 times will come into reality; by 2050, the difference in energy density between enterprises will diminish (LG currently has an energy density of 250wh/Kg, and it is predicted that the upper limit of energy density in the existing material system is 350wh/Kg). The competitiveness of battery enterprises lies in cost and production capacity, and the competitive advantages of large enterprises will be clear in 2025. Mr. Shen also expressed his hope Selen would deeper explore the impact resistance of al-plastic films together with LG to further consolidate the dominant position of flexible battery in power battery field.


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