Leader of advanced materials, solution provider of functional materials.Comprehensive service provider in the industry oriented in development and production of new materials


Selen’s advanced material business covers the development, manufacturing and deep processing of electronic functional materials (high-purity protective films, double-sided tapes, functional tapes, optical tapes, heat-dissipating graphite products) for technology-leading industries, new energy materials (soft packaging materials for lithium battery – T&T aluminum compound packing film), optoelectronics display materials (advanced display materials and optical thin films for display), high-performance fibers (PBO super fibers and aramid fiber), etc. We have also applied the products to the industries like consumer electronics, un-confinement display, semiconductor, new-energy vehicles, aerospace, building materials and packaging. Selen will continue to provide technology-leading and energy-saving materials for the State and the society, in an attempt to benefit mankind through technical innovation.
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